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ZETAIN DESGN & EBRAND is a nurture a culture of extraordinary people with curious, creative minds who are passionate about delivering elegant solutions. Our global team of architects, interior designers, urban designers, scientists, artists, researchers, anthropologists and more work together to design places that delight, heal and stimulate peak performance. For consideration please submit your resume, and cover letter to

Graphic Designer

Job description
1.Graphic design related professional college degree or above;
2.With strong VI image design capabilities, innovative design concept of architecture, creative unique, sensitive touch, can independently complete the system of the logo guide design;
3.Extensive experience and skills using design tools but not limited to: Photoshop/CoreIDRAW/ Illustrator,/AutoCAD. Must be an expert in PowerPoint;?
4.Understand how to prioritize and understand of how to manage shifting priorities of multiple stakeholders in a complex, matrix global environment;?
5.Excellent communicator and creative “out of the box” thinker;
6.High-energy, “can do” personality that thrives in a deadline driven environment;
7.Self-starter and highly collaborative, with excellent organization and time management skills. High performer in a startup-like environment;
8.Diverse portfolio that shows impressive use of typography, illustrations, information design and layouts is a must.?

Scheme Designer

Job description
1.with strong hand-painted and communication skills, good at public space performance;
2.Familiar with health projects, hospital indoor layout ability;
3.Familiar with program creation ability;
4.ability to communicate with the scene;
5.familiar with the hospital internal process priority;
6.Location: Shanghai, Guangdong.

Job requirements:
1.professional with interior design, college degree or above, more than three years of work experience;
2.experience interior design, work experience;
3.has a strong program design capabilities, strong understanding, can independently complete large and medium-sized interior design projects;
4.with the ability to organize and coordinate indoor engineering projects;
5.strong communication skills, team spirit, strong sense of responsibility;
6.proficient in a variety of related professional software, for AUTOCAD / Sketchup / Photoshop and other design software to achieve the professional level of application.

Construction Drawing

Job description
1.Assist with the main case designer to do a better job of design, complete a full set of construction drawing;
2.Fully understand the design and conversion into the construction drawings of the details of drawings;
3.Participate in the project construction site with the cooperation and negotiation;
4.Follow the construction site drawings for rectification, to solve the construction difficulties;
5.To assist in the follow-up on the progress of various materials and projects;
6.Familiar with the hospital internal process priority;
7.Location: Shanghai, Guangdong;

Job requirements:
1.Interior design and other related professional college degree or above;
2.More than 2 years experience in the design of building design and decoration construction of formal design firm or design company;
3.Proficient AUTOCAD software, and at the same time skilled use of other related software;
4.Familiar with construction drawing specifications and requirements;
5.Familiar with the engineering design standards and various requirements, have some understanding of the norms of the relevant national industries;
6.Practice skilled, can complete the entire construction plans independent. Construction experience, knowledge of design materials estimation; proactive, passionate, efficient, attitude;
8.Fully understanding and communication skills, strong organizational coordination, teamwork skills and problem solving skills;
9.Hard-working, good professional ethics, strong sense of responsibility and professionalism, rigorous and steady, able to withstand greater work pressure.

Video Editor

Job description
1.Extensive experience and skills using design tools but not limited to: Adobe After Effects/Adobe Premiere Pro/Photoshop/Final Cut Pro etc.. Craft engaging stories through creative & collaborative video editing. Create and deliver compelling video including original content, events, demos, and webinars for the web, social media, promotions and live events , animate a wide variety of assets to bring life to our videos while providing clean, clear, and concise context on the solutions we provide.
2.Familiar with HD/ SD movie production and various editing techniques, with strong visual effects, good grasp of theme creation, layout design, rhythm and color of the works, editing ideas for project features;
3.Strong editing concept, master different types of film editing techniques, familiar with a variety of video decoding technology, can skillfully use the lens language, for the music and video rhythm have a good grasp;
4.Familiar with text editing capabilities, the title, lead language has its own unique insights;
5.Create and deliver compelling video including original content, interviews, events, demos, and webinars for the web, social media, promotions and live events.
Main Line:021-63876900
Address: No. 831, No. 2 (Traffic building)
16 Floor, Xi Zang South Road,
Huangpu District, Shanghai, China
weixin:Zetian Design
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