Frequently Asked Questions

1. What conditions do I need before to investing a Healthcare Facility design?

Orientation Planning
Feasibility Study Report
Design Projects Assignment Guideline

2. What are the basic steps to designing?

Architectural Design
Medical Specialties Technological Design
Medical Flow And Delicate Floorplan Design
Hospital Interior Design
Automation Project Design
Soft Outfit Decoration Design
Indoor And Outdoor Guidance Point To Point Design
Medical Device And Furniture Configuration Design
Hospital Culture Design

3.Hospital design have national standards? What agency audit?

A national standard
Local Health Commission

4.Are you a professional hospital design team? How can I judge?

We are a professional design company, eighteen years we have only engaged in medical design, proficient in medical technology, the ability to quickly provide customers with professional hospital layout for the approval of the health commission.

5. What are the Hospital Interior design stage? Could you accept installment payment?

Hospital interior design is divided into three stages
  I.Hospital graphic design
  II.Hospital interior design
  III.Construction drawing design
Sure ! we will accept installment payment
Main Line:021-63876900
Address: No. 831, No. 2 (Traffic building)
16 Floor, Xi Zang South Road,
Huangpu District, Shanghai, China
weixin:Zetian Design
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