Cultural Construction

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When five thousand years of Huaxia culture has created the infinite glory of human civilization, the "cultural confidence" of an era's strong is driving the nation to take off again and again.
The hospital culture construction project generally includes: cultural leading, cultural research, cultural quality, cultural facilities, cultural creativity, cultural transmission, cultural talents and cultural qualities, which can be summed up as follows: cultural leading, cultural environment, cultural transmission and cultural management.

Service Contents

We have the ability draw from a deep well of subject matter experts in virtually all areas cultural ability, We have experience to help you develop a hospital culture to drive the improvement of medical capacity and within the context of your short and long term business goals, operation and organization aspects of your business.

Cultural Construction Services List

Cultural Leads

Cultural leadership is guided by the hospital image strategy system and implemented through the hospital's own image strategy. It has become the cultural link that leads the continuous improvement of hospital, medical culture and that brings connection between physicians and patients

Cultural Environment

Cultural environment refers to the material and spiritual factors infiltrated into the various internal and external environments that influence and restrict the operation of the hospital. It is to render the humanistic atmosphere, cultivate the sentiments of physicians and patients, encourage the advancement of civilization and the medical protection of cultural services

Cultural Communication

Cultural Communication is key to support the sustainable development of the hospital. Whereas that is not only promote and publicity but also known as Hospital Marketing

Cultural Management

Cultural Management is a multidisciplinary system. It is a guarantee of success for the hospital and a strong cultural driving force. It not only promotes the development of hospitals, medical and technologies in an all-round way, but also accelerates medical treatment of the Hospital Branding
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